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What Parents Are Saying

“Joyful Mission Preschool has been such a gift to our family. Our kids look forward to going to school, and they feel so seen and loved by their teachers and the staff. Each teacher we’ve had has been invested in our kids, not only their education, but also in their character. The leadership of JMP makes sure to keep Christ in the center of it all, in the classroom and in the way they communicate and operate the school. We could not recommend Joyful Misson more, it has been such an incredible foundation for our children before elementary school.”

The Zeman Family
“JMP is family! They love our boys and teach them core values. We’ve been going to JMP for 3 years and will send our 3rd son there next year!”

The Feild Family

“JMP gives you that small town friendly feeling. Everyone is always happy to see you and they’ve been flexible with our family’s needs to make accommodations that work for our family. Plus, they provide great care for our son!”

“JMP is so special to our family for its nurturing environment, where dedicated staff members create a foundation of lifelong learning through engaging activities fostering lots of curiosity and creativity!”

The Karns Family

“Joyful Mission Preschool teaches my daughter and my son how to talk, play, and learn with other kids. The loving teachers care about these little ones. JMP is an amazing community.

The Papadimitropoulos Family

“JMP is a wonderful school! It has become a second family to us. The teachers are amazing and our daughter actually looks forward to going to school. They always think of the best hands on activities to keep the kiddos engaged! We love JMP!”

The Poveda Family

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