We love it here! I saw the drop off/pick up times are different next year and I think that will help foster more parent/teacher communication and set JMP apart from other schools. I love ALL the staff here and it’s one of the biggest reasons we chose JMP.  All are sincere, caring, and you can tell they enjoy their jobs, coworkers, and children.

Really enjoyed this year

I’ve previously attended two other preschools (for my other child) and this preschool is superior in every way. I love it here.

We are really happy with the school.

The teachers were amazing!

You are all so kind, giving, and wonderful! We will miss our small school so much next year. We are so blessed to have had all of the staff at Joy!

Great family events! Love family involvement!

The teaching staff is great. The smiles are priceless and worth it! Thank you!

Love all the events!

We love JMP so much!

I’ve been really happy with JMP and am going to miss it next year!  Such a wonderful staff!

Thanks for both teachers for being so awesome with my girl. (2 1/2s)

We love JMP!

There have been many wonderful changes in the last year that we have loved! 

We loved every bit of it! Don’t change anything!

We love being a part of the JMP family.

Thank you for a great year!

This has been the BEST thing for our daughter. Thank you so much. We appreciate everything you guys do for our little one. (2 1/2s)

We love this school and look forward to another year with wonderful teachers.

All wonderful!

Loved all of the activities. The teachers made the events really special for the kids and parents.

Thank you for the wonderful and welcoming atmosphere that you have at your school. My son felt so loved and confident and enjoyed school.

We love the teachers and it will take some getting used to, not to see their smiling faces after 4 years. Thank you for the incredible preschool experience!

I appreciate the more hands on help when dealing with separations issues.

We had a wonderful experience!

My daughter has gone to Joyful mission for two years now. We have absolutely loved her teachers!! They are warm, kind, patient, and we have nothing but good things to say about them!!

All the staff and teachers are amazing! The parents are all friendly, too! 2nd year sending my daughter here and will be sending my son next year. Love it!

Amazing staff and love the environment. I've had both of my girls go there and they loved it!

We moved from out of state and are so thankful to have found JMP! All of the teachers are incredible and teach to the style the child requires. They also care deeply about the wellbeing and safety of each child. Two of my three children that will/have attended have serious health issues and they are on high alert with regards to foods and medication. I honestly could not say enough great things about this preschool.

Joyful Mission is a wonderful place for your child to learn through many avenues of play. The teachers are wonderful and I've been blessed to work along side them as a sub since 2013. My granddaughter attended for two years and absolutely loved everything about the program! You won't find a more loving program for your children.

“The Jr. Kindergarten Program really helped our boys out tremendously. They were not ready for full day Kindergarten, and we did not know what we would have done without the outstanding education they received. They were ready after Joyful Mission Preschool and are now excelling in grade school!”

We love JMP!!  Both years his teachers have been amazing and Elias has thrived here.  We can't wait for Livy to come here next year. You guys are wonderful!

"The price is what 1st brought us to JMP.  After meeting the director and teachers it was a “no brainer” to continue into Jr. K. even though we had moved and the drive is much further.  Looking forward to my next child beginning in the fall of 2018 at JMP!"

"“When we think of Joyful Mission Preschool the words that come to mind are nurturing, thoughtful, and delightful. Our daughter attended JMP in the 2.5 year old classroom and it was her first school experience. She loved seeing her teachers each school day. They provided her with activities that she loves to do; like music, crafts, and the ever popular train table. The teachers were well prepared and thoughtful about how the kids would benefit from the activities being done. They nurtured my daughter by greeting her with a smile and by name, including her in circle time, and giving her space when she wanted to express her independence. JMP has a delightful feel to it. Everyone is happy. Being able to drop my daughter off at school and knowing that she is with kind people who are always concerned about the wellbeing of others, allows us the ability to move through our lives with joy and peace too. JMP is a wonderful school, that has served my daughter well. We are grateful for the care that they have given our family.”

“We love Joyful Mission Preschool. Our son has been with the school two years and the teachers are incredible. They are caring, loving, smart and have fostered an amazing environment. Our son now has a very solid foundation built for kindergarten. There are really neat programs like Science Days, field trips and a caring jar where pom poms are put in a jar when a child is being kind. Our son has grown so much socially, emotionally and spiritually since being at Joyful Mission Preschool.”

We love this preschool! The staff is wonderful and my kids were so excited to go to school each day. Between both of my boys we have had almost every teacher in the 3 years we have been going there and it feels like home when you walk in the door. I am going to be sad not to see all the teachers each day once the kids are grown and on their way to kindergarten.”

Word of mouth in Parker about JMP is always positive; we had an exceptional experience at JMP.  Thank you!

We are so grateful to you for being so patient, kind and caring with our sweet (usually!) boy during this year of big transitions.  THANK YOU!

We love it here!

WE love JMP and are going to miss not being here next year.

Love how much my son has learned, especially in the faith based items.  Teachers and Directors are all so amazing, friendly and helpful!  We cannot wait to come back next year!

Tyler loves school!!!  He has learned so much this year.