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Back Row... Traci, Stacia, Christa, Pam, Chelsea

Middle Row ... Katie, Lauren, Ryenne, Karen, Jennifer

Front Row... Kristin, Emily, Maddi, Susan S, Jen, Shana, Nikki, Susan B

Not Pictured...Anusha, Katie G, Kelly, Julie

Our staff is very important to the success of JMP! 

We are often reminded how long we have been in business when 2nd, 3rd and 4th generations of families continue to enroll children or become part of our educational team. We couldn't ask for a more heartwarming career.

Passionate, dedicated, and loving, Joyful Mission Preschool teachers love their work and it shows in everything they do. Our goal is to make a positive difference on young kids who come to our preschool.


Director - Lauren Brokken - 

Assistant Director - Katie Hilton - 

Office Administrator - Kristin Caple -

Development Team - Jen Gommel - and Susan Becker -

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